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Adviser-Driven Artificial-Intelligence Platform for financial professionals that reduces Uncompensated Risk in MPT designed portfolios. Obtain compliance with lower volatility and higher Sharpe Ratios.  Affordable High level Big Math.

Join the Institute: Use a Procedural Process to Measure and Manage Diversification and the Reduction Of Uncompensated Risk.

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“One of the central findings of Modern Portfolio Theory is that huge and essentially costless gains can be obtained from diversifying a portfolio thoroughly by minimizing Uncompensated Risk.”- John H. Langbein, Reporter for the Uniform Prudent Investor Act-Sterling, Professor of Law and Legal History at Yale Law School 

“Markowitz’s Notion of Diversification is the Only Known “Free Lunch” in All of Investing”-W. Scott Simon, J.D., CFP®, AIFA®

“Un-Measured is Un-Managed” Peter Drucker


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You start out with a large inheritance or court award and all in T-Bills.  At that point there is no Compensated Risk (CR) or Uncompensated Risk (UCR).  But, during the asset allocation process, including Mean-Variance Optimization, UCR is created and even made worse by limits on one or more investment sectors.

NEWS RELEASE American Institute of CPAs Teams-up with - “THE INSTITUTE FOR PORTFOLIO DIVERSIFICATION" - A Division of Precision Fiduciary Analytics

Webcast Sponsored by the American Institute of CPAs - June 2019 THE DANGERS OF IGNORING A PORTFOLIO'S UNCOMPENSATED RISK J. Ben Vernazza CPA/PFA TEP emeritus Stewart Frank CPA/PFS AIFA 


Individual Members receive the same advantages as Enterprise Licenses – an affordable adviser-driven Portfolio Diversification Optimization wrapped in a powerful rules engine and validated with scientific back-testing to optimize your current MPT portfolio strategies. We handle the hard stuff.   Beautiful visualizations.   Groundbreaking analytics.   Custom logic and workflows.   This is what a advanced digital platform is imagined to be.  Deliver better investor outcomes by optimizing, re-optimizing, learning and evolving – Measure-Monitor-Manage Uncompensated Risk Automatically with The-State-of-the-Art in Artificial Intelligence Assistance.  JOIN NOW

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