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Adviser-Driven Artificial-Intelligence Platform for financial professionals that reduces Uncompensated Risk in MPT designed portfolios. Obtain compliance with lower volatility and higher Sharpe Ratios.  Affordable High level Big Math.

Join the Institute: Use a Procedural Process to Measure and Manage Diversification and the Reduction Of Uncompensated Risk.

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“One of the central findings of Modern Portfolio Theory is that huge and essentially costless gains can be obtained from diversifying a portfolio thoroughly by minimizing Uncompensated Risk.”- John H. Langbein, Reporter for the Uniform Prudent Investor Act-Sterling, Professor of Law and Legal History at Yale Law School 

“Markowitz’s Notion of Diversification is the Only Known “Free Lunch” in All of Investing”-W. Scott Simon, J.D., CFP®, AIFA®

“Un-Measured is Un-Managed” Peter Drucker


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You start out with a large inheritance or court award and all in T-Bills.  At that point there is no Compensated Risk (CR) or Uncompensated Risk (UCR).  But, during the asset allocation process, including Mean-Variance Optimization, UCR is created and even made worse by limits on one or more investment sectors.

NEWS RELEASE American Institute of CPAs Teams-up with - “THE INSTITUTE FOR PORTFOLIO DIVERSIFICATION" - A Division of Precision Fiduciary Analytics

Webcast Sponsored by the American Institute of CPAs - June 2019 THE DANGERS OF IGNORING A PORTFOLIO'S UNCOMPENSATED RISK J. Ben Vernazza  and Stewart Frank 

TIME TO REVISIT 9-0 SUPREME    COURT 2015 TIBBLE VS EDISON               "Ignorance is no longer bliss                              Folly is not Wise!"                  ONE-PAGER READ MORE 


Individual Members receive the same advantages as Enterprise Licenses – an affordable adviser-driven Portfolio Diversification Optimization wrapped in a powerful rules engine and validated with scientific testing to optimize diversification without materially altering your current MPT portfolio strategies. We handle the hard stuff.  Ground breaking analytics, custom logic and workflows.  Deliver better investor outcomes by optimizing, re-optimizing, learning and evolving.  You will learn how to prudently and reasonably reduce Uncompensated Risk by Measuring, Monitoring and Managing with a State-of-the-Artificial-Intelligent-Assistant.    

 "Big Data is the NEW OIL                               AI is the NEW ELECTRICITY"             MEMBERS CONTROL DASHBOARD!        


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